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Why Join Noah?

  • Support the largest Reptile & Amphibian Enthusiast group in Ohio. N.O.A.H. is also one of the oldest such groups around!
  • Access to post on our Classified Advertisement board
  • Field Trip to new locations where members experience field herping first hand
  • Monthly Meetings - We have monthly programs including speakers and contests. (These are open to anyone, so come and check us out!)
  • Summer Displays - Members can participate in summer displays that provide an interactive forum to educate the public
  • Meet new people with similar interests.

Submit your membership information online in the form on the Left then make your memebership payment online using a credit card through Paypal

or mail your check or money order made out to:

P.O. Box 326
Columbia Station,
OH 44028

Upon receipt of your payment we will mail you your membership information.