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President: Serves as official representative of the Association, calls meetings of the
Association and the Executive Board and presides over these meetings.
Elected: Eric Erb

Vice-President: Performs all duties of the President in his absence or disability.
He also coordinates all programs for NOAH monthly meetings.
Elected: Trisha Wahl

Secretary: Keeps the minutes of all meetings and forwards the report to the newsletter editor.
Also reports on the minutes as requested.
Elected: Shawna Skinner

Treasurer: Receives and safely keeps all funds of the Association. Pays out funds as necessary, keeps
records of receipts and disbursements, and prepares Financial Reports monthly or as requested by the President.
Keeps the membership roster up to date by recording the payments of dues by members. Completes and sub-
mits all necessary forms and fees required by federal, state, or local government agencies.
Elected: Bob Musial

Sergeant-at-Arms: Keeps all salable materials that are the property of the
Association and keeps order at all meetings and exhibits.
Elected: Charlie Appell

Board Members at Large: Attends all regular and Executive Board meetings.
Serves on committees as appointed by the President.
Elected: Daniel Gayos & Norm Damm

Display Coordinator: acts as liaison between NOAH and local nature centers
for displays. He or she coordinates scheduling events and coordinating with
NOAH members to work the event. He or she is responsible for equipment and
supplies needed for the event.
Coordinator: Norene Hosler